What is Turtle Wins the Race?

Turtle Wins The Race is my course that gets to the bottom of what you’re doing to get in your own way with your home-based business. I’ll take you by the hand and show you how to identify your sticking points and get past them to reach your goals.


If you’re a home-based business owner and you have no idea how to create a plan to get the success you want, the way you define it, You’re in the right place.

I’ll guide you through the process of getting out of your ruts, defining what success means to you, creating a marketing and content calendar, and designing a daily schedule that will help you be more productive without driving you crazy.

If you’re a home-based business owner who:

  • Is overwhelmed
  • Procrastinates
  • Is a perfectionist
  • is distractable
  • Doesn’t know where to start
  • Feels like you have to fit into someone else’s idea of success
  • Or if you’re an introvert and you hate dealing with social media, this course is for you


If you have a marketing plan that you follow religiously and your daily schedule is full of productivity, you’re off the hook, go do something else!

As soon as you enroll you’ll receive lifetime access to all course videos plus bonuses and updates.

  • Immediate access via username and password as soon as you enroll.
  • Login 24/7, do the sections at your own pace, it’s all online waiting for you.
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates and bonuses.
  • Private facebook group for ongoing support
  • 30 day 100% money back guarantee
  • Live Facebook Q&As on different productivity topics

“This course is a comprehensive system that will support you and your business to create a business that you love so that you can accomplish your desires. Practical tools and a refreshing perspective.” -Laura

“I think the course is fantastic. It definitely gave me that kick in the backside that I needed and there are so many useful pointers in every video so THANK YOU” –Lucy

“Absolutely love it ! Went through everything 3 times 😁 very useful and full of knowledge! Best I’ve heard in a while… I love your approach ! Different and taking all subject from new whole perspective” –Ewelina

“I’ve implemented a marketing/monthly goal calendar and it’s been liberating. Just finished up scheduling my newsletter posts for May and June. My days have been far more productive since I started working with a plan.” –Fiona

What’s inside? A system to figure out why you get in your own way and what you want from your business. Plus, methods to use to streamline the daily process of marketing your business and reaching your goals.


Section 1

Cleaning up both inside and out to get ready for a new routine.

Section 2

Identifying your sticking points.

Section 3

Defining success and choosing goals.

Section 4

Setting limits with ourselves and others.

Section 5

Creating a marketing calendar that fits your style.

Section 6

Creating a content calendar that won’t drive you crazy.

Section 7

Email made easier.

Section 8

Wrapping it all up with a daily schedule.

What’s Next?

If you could use some help to get on a more productive path, you’re not alone.

Join the turtles who keep it steady as it goes until they get to where they’re going.

The time is now. You’re ready for this.