If there’s one thing that drives me nuts, It’s how people undervalue their own work.

And it’s usually not their fault, they just don’t know any better.

This pricing guide was created to give people who sell products on Etsy or their own websites an insight into their real expenses and how to price their products accordingly.

Are there lots of numbers involved? Yes, at first. Is it a decent amount of work to figure it out? Yes it is.

But once you figure it out you’ll be able to make educated estimations of your pricing and not end up working for minimum wage (or less.)

If you guess on your pricing, or you follow other people’s prices, you’ll be guessing about whether you’re profitable. Knowing what you NEED to charge is much better for the bottom line.

This guide includes a printable guide to read and spreadsheets that you can use to calculate your actual expenses so that you’re not guessing.

  • Lifetime access to all updates and form upgrades
  • Worksheets to help you gather your financial information
  • A downloadable guide and video walkthrough of the process so you’ll really understand why all this math is necessary!
  • Interactive forms to help with the basic calculations
  • A video walkthrough to explain

If you go through the basic process and really get an idea of how to calculate your profits, you will never fill out a profit calculator the wrong way again!